Meet The Founder

ShoreSite Web Designs LLC is determined to please every customer.

Because your designer will be working so closely with you, there will be no part of the website building process you are not made aware of – dependability is a high priority. When it all comes down to it, ShoreSite Web Designs will be consulting with you so closely throughout the creation of your site, you will feel you created the masterpiece all on your own!

ShoreSite Web Designs will be the first and ONLY company to make sure you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your design before it is placed onto the World Wide Web.

Creating a masterpiece is made easy!
  • Logo and branding?
  • Your designer is able to create a branding for your business like no other company will do for you. Working diligently, we give ample samples and design options to suit your needs. Want originality? Want flair? Let ShoreSite Designs help you create or improve upon your logo and branding.
  • Advertising materials?
  • Don't know how to advertise? Don't know where to advertise? Don't have anything TO advertise?! Allow ShoreSite Designs to help you build your business by creating unique, informative, catchy and attractive marketing materials.
  • Web marketing?
  • If you need help marketing yourself on the web, you are in the right place. ShoreSite Web Designs knows the most effective ways to market your business so you get the largest following.
  • E-Commerce and online stores?
  • Selling a product online is an art. You have come to the right place for e-commerce artistry! PayPal is the payment option of choice these days and ShoreSite Designs will integrate your site accordingly to help you accomplish the most important part of your business - payment.
  • Blogs? Social Networking? Photo Gallery?
  • If you're not marketing yourself on the web, you are hindering the size of your audience! Allow ShoreSite Web Designs to increase traffic to your website through the use of social networking sites, attractive photo and video galleries, and ideal search engine placement.